The Ultimate Beauty Guide for Bridesmaids: Because You Deserve to Shine Too!

Hello there, lovely bridesmaid-to-be!

Are you ready to dazzle on your best friend’s big day? Well, fret not, for I’ve got the ultimate beauty guide to ensure you look ready to take on the world (or at least the dance floor) as you support the blushing bride.

Let’s dive into this delightful journey together, shall we?

1. Prep Like a Pro

It’s all about the canvas. Start with a thorough skincare routine to ensure your face is as luminous as your spirit. Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and show that skin some tender loving care. And don’t forget the sunscreen! After all, we don’t want you resembling a ripe tomato while posing for pictures.

Beauty Bio Bright Eyes

Invisible UV Flawless Poreless  Primer

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Sensitive Moisturiser

Pixi Glow Tonic Glycolic Acid Toner

Still One Step Correct

MAC Prep + Prime Skin


Bright Eyes collagen-infused patches help to revitalise the delicate eye area in just 10 minutes while reducing the appearance of puffiness and fine lines. Store them in the fridge for extra coolness to help de-puff.


This Invisible UV Flawless Poreless Primer hydrates for up to 24 hours and protects from the sun’s harmful rays while giving a soft focus, filter-like glow that reduces the appearance of fine lines. No flashback and black girl friendly too. No ashy-ness here.


A soothing prebiotic moisturiser that works to repair and protect skin’s barrier. It is composed with a blend of soothing and protective actives, including Glycerin, Ceramides and Vitamin B3. A wonderful moisturiser that works perfectly under any foundation.

2. Now for the ultimate glow up

One of the key things to keep in mind is that you should look like the best version of yourself - not like you’re wearing a mask. So, let’s start with a light hand and build up from there, okay?

Let’s contour those cheekbones! Use a matte bronzer or a contour powder that’s just a shade or two darker than their natural skin tone. Suck in those cheeks and trace a line underneath the bone with a tapered brush. Then blend, blend, blend with a big fluffy brush to avoid any harsh lines.

When choosing the best blush colours it’s important to consider a shade that complements your skin tone. Here are a few recommendations:

Fair Skin: Soft pink or peach shades tend to work well for fair skin tones. Light shades of rose or baby pink can give a natural and fresh look. 

Medium Skin: For medium skin tones, coral or warm peach blushes can add a beautiful glow. These shades can help enhance the natural warmth of the skin. 

Dark Skin: Rich berry or plum shades can look stunning on dark skin tones. These deeper shades can provide a nice contrast and add a touch of drama.

Last but not least, we’ll add some highlight to really make those features pop. Use a shimmery powder or cream on the high points of their face - tops of cheekbones, brow bone, and cupid’s bow. A little goes a long way, so start with a light hand and build up to the desired glow.

There you have it, my friend: a beautiful and natural-looking bridesmaid makeup look with just a touch of glam. Oh and don’t forget to top it off with some setting spray. I recommend Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. Why? The name says it all.


Available in three shades. Light weight formula that blends easily. Now available in travel size.


A favourite in my kit. It really does live up to its name. Easy to use, just a small dab on the cheekbone gives a beautiful highlight that can be blended with a brush or fingers. Will look great in your photos. 


This two-tone blusher is a favourite of mine. Comes in a variety of shades. A great blusher that also gives a radiant glow.

2. Pick the Perfect Pout

A smile is the best accessory, darling, and a swipe of the perfect lipstick can make it even more captivating. Delicate pinks, ravishing reds, or bold berries - choose a shade that speaks to your soul. Oh, and be sure to bring that trusty lip balm for touch-ups throughout the day. 

Photography @jamesrichphoto

Code Eight Colour Brilliance  Lipstick In La Piscine

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Pillow Talk 3. Intense

Bareminerals Mineralist Lip Liner in  Blush

Kevyn Aucoin Glass Glow Lip Gloss in Prism Rose


The most requested lip liner in my kit. I rarely have a client who doesn’t ask for Pillow Talk. They say “Two Pillow Talk Lip Cheats are sold every 2 minutes!” I believe them. Can’t be without it. Props to them for extending the pillow talk range to various shades of nude to compliment all skin tones. They now have pillow talk in Medium and Intense.

3. Embrace your Luscious Locks

Ah, the crowning glory! Whether your hair is reminiscent of Botticelli’s curls or as sleek and perfectly polished, let’s work some magic. Consider a chic updo, a whimsical braid, or even some loose waves. Top it off with a spritz of hairspray that will keep your locks in place, even during those wild dance floor moves.


Sam McKnight Cool Girl Barley There Texture Mist

Sam McKnight Easy-Up Do  Texture Spray

Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly  Scrunching Jelly

Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother

Aveda Smooth Infusion Perfectly Sleek  Blow Heating Cream

Bumble & Bumble Thickening  Spray


Well if you want your hair in tip top shape before an event invest in some Olaplex. This is a product I find helps your hair over time. I love No3 and No6 is great as a blow dry cream on all hair types mixed with a drop of the bonding oil. It detangles as you apply through the hair.


If it’s good enough for Kate Moss…This texture spray smells divine (the fragrance was created by perfumer Lyn Harris) and great for tousled textured styles. For that beautifully dishevelled sexy look.

4. Flutter those Lashes, Darling

Let’s talk about eyelashes. Whether you’re blessed with naturally long and luscious ones or need a little extra help from our dear friend mascara, give your lashes some extra love. Consider adding individual lashes for that ethereal flutter or experiment with a volumizing mascara that will make your eyes pop like the fireworks at a summer garden party. My favourite lashes to use are Tatti Lashes. They have a range for those who like to look Au Natural or who want to be bolder opt for Eyesore Volume Lashes. 

5. Radiate Confidence and Joy

Now,  as we reach the grand finale of our beauty guide, let’s remember the most important ingredient: confidence. No makeup, hairdo, or dress can truly outshine a heart filled with joy and love for the bride. So, stand tall, hold your bouquet with grace, and embrace your role with all the warmth and charm you possess. After all, the happiest bridesmaid is the most beautiful one, inside and out.

There you have it, my dear bridesmaids! Your ultimate beauty guide to ensure you are ready to bring the glitz and glam to the wedding day. Remember, this is not just about looking fabulous, but about celebrating the love of your dear friend. So, go forth, my delightful companions, and let your beauty radiate alongside the bride. Cheers to love, friendship, and beauty that shines from within!

How to choose a hair style for your wedding

Darling, wedding preparations can make even the most composed bride want to pull her hair out. Choosing a wedding hair style might seem like an impossible task, considering all the options available. It can be overwhelming — just look at Pinterest, Instagram and Google and you’ll see a huge number of options! 

But there’s no need to lose your head over the decision-making process — here are some tips that will help you to make a confident choice in no time.

Reflect your personality

Your wedding is a celebration of you and your love story, so why not let your hair reflect your unique personality? Whether you’re a romantic at heart, a boho babe, or a classic beauty, choose a style that captures the essence of who you are. If you adore soft, loose curls, go for it! If you’re a fan of sleek, elegant updos, own it!

Consider your dress

First step is to decide on your dress.  Your wedding dress will be the centerpiece of your look, so it’s important to choose a hairstyle that complements it. To make your hair harmonize with your gown, consider the neckline and overall style. If your dress has intricate details or a stunning back, an elegant updo can draw the eyes right where they should be. For a dress with a plunging neckline, why not opt for cascading waves or a chic half-up, half-down style? The possibilities are as endless as the number of tea flavours in my cupboard! I recommend booking your trial when you have bought your dress.

Seek inspiration

The world of hair is vast and plentiful, with countless ideas waiting to be discovered. Pinterest, Instagram, and even the humble  wedding magazines can inspire you with an abundance of hairstyle ideas.  Collect snapshots of jaw-dropping hairdos that make your heart flutter. When looking at hair styles look at images with a dress similar to yours. How does the model wear her hair with the dress. This will help determine what hair style to go for. Share them with your stylist. Together, you’ll create a masterpiece that’s uniquely yours.

Think about the venue

Consider the weather and venue. Picture-perfect hair can sometimes be a fleeting fantasy. If you’re tying the knot in a tropical paradise or a stately garden, you’ll want a hairstyle that can stand up to the elements. Opt for a style that’s more secure, like an elegant updo or a braided creation that weaves your hair together like the threads of a fairytale.  If you’re getting married indoors, you have more flexibility with your hairstyle. Do you want something that will be easy to style and re-style as the day goes on? 

Consider your hair type

Your hair type will play a big role in what hairstyle you choose. If you have thin hair, you may want to add extensions to create volume. If you have curly hair, you may want to embrace your natural texture and go for a curly style.

Schedule a trial

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, schedule a hair trial or what I prefer to call a preview, with your hairstylist. This will allow you to see how the hairstyle looks on you and make any necessary adjustments before the big day. Bring images of hair styles you want to try and photos of your dress. This can also be the opportunity to try your veil on with your hair style. Wearing a similar neckline and colour of your wedding dress is super helpful. Have several trials if needed. Your wedding day is not the day to try out the style.

Don’t be indecisive

Looking at too many images might make you indecisive - Once you have decided on a style stick with it.

Your wedding day is going to be one of the biggest events of your life. You will have many suggestions from friends and family. Suggestions are always welcome but remember to stay true to you. Seek advice from those close to you that have a similar stye to you.

 It’s completely normal to have a long list of options in mind, but once you’ve decided on a style, don’t keep changing your mind.

And remember…

The most crucial ingredient in this recipe is your happiness and comfort. Choose a hairstyle that makes you feel like the enchanting bridal goddess you truly are. Relax, take a sip of tea, Kombucha or whatever’s your jam  and trust that your hair will weave its own magical tale on your wedding day. Cheers to making memories, finding your perfect ‘do, and living happily ever after!

Falling in love with Chelsea & Mookie’s Tuscan Wedding

For Chelsea and husband Mookie, celebrating their wedding in Italy with family and friends took place in September last year.

It all started from swiping right. The American couple met on the dating app Tinder and have been together ever since. The proposal was in early 2021 and the couple picked a venue in Tuscany, where they could marry the following summer.

The Venue

Friends and family flew to Italy to enjoy the festivities in a gorgeous Tuscan village Quercia al Poggio, complete with idyllic vineyards and olive groves.

When they started planning their big day, Chelsea and Mookie knew that they wanted everything to be as authentic as possible. Blending two cultures together. They wanted real Italian food and wine, an eclectic music playlist, and even real Italian sunsets! Whilst also keeping to African American traditions like Jumping the broom. They looked at several different venues before choosing Quercia al Poggio, but once they saw Quercia al Poggio with its beautiful grounds, beautiful architecture, and great location—they knew this was where they wanted their wedding to take place. The charming courtyard was dressed with chandeliers, candles with touches of  vibrant colour by planner Parade Wedding.

The Hair & Makeup

Chelsea flew my colleague Kelly and I to Italy the night before her wedding to do her hair and makeup.

Her long hair was styled into a braided crown and she wore minimal makeup to highlight her natural beauty. I made sure she looked as fresh at the end of the night as she did at the beginning! Kelly used Morroccan Oil hair products. We also did the hair and makeup for her maid of honour.

Makeup Application Tips

1.Great makeup starts with a great skin. Prep the skin with a good moisturiser that is light weight preferably oil free if you are getting married in a warmer climate. Use a primer before applying foundation.

2. For a flawless complexion I used Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick.

3. For her eyeshadow start by priming the eyes for crease free eyeshadow that lasts all day. I used the Mac paint pot in groundwork.  I opted for earthy tones from the Pat McGrath palette and finished it off with a bit of sparkle to finish.

4. Trace and fill in the lips with a lip pencil.  I customised a lipstick shade by using two colours to get the desired shade Chelsea wanted. I used NYX lipstick and Mac.

5. Finish by lightly dusting Mac blot powder in dark.

Hear Chelsea share the planning of her destination wedding on the Hue I do podcast.

Images curtesy of Meme Urbane

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