Terms & Conditions

Please read these fully before making your ‘hold the date’ payment. These T & C’s are here to protect both yourself and Melinda Bridal.

PLEASE NOTE: ​By making your initial payment, you are fully agreeing to our terms and conditions.

Booking payments & trials

A non refundable fee of £100 to ‘hold the date’ for your wedding. Once this payment has been received, your wedding will be added to the diary, please note ​no booking has been made​ until this has been received and confirmed by ourselves. This will be deducted from final total payment due.
To be held at your home or your chosen location to chat through and perfect your chosen look. (Trial prices applicable - strictly payable 24 hours before service of trial by BACS - see Prices page). 

Please give at least 48 hours notice of trial cancellations, a charge of £10 may be levied for late notice cancellations. 

● Before our initial meeting, we ask that you send us photos of yourself and any hair and make up images that have caught your eye. This allows us to prepare properly.

● Please leave enough time in advance of the wedding to ensure you are able to get a time to mutually suit and that we get very booked during wedding season and have limited appointments available.
● Total cost of booking will be determined following trial - additional hair work or addition of hair pieces or extensions will be charged accordingly. It is normally the responsibility of the client to source hair extensions (due to colour matching) but advice can be given regarding this and occasionally I can source these myself.

  • Trials last for 2 hours and 30 minutes.  Anything over this time will be at an additional cost of £50 per hour.

● If you choose to have a trial before payment of deposit, please note this is no guarantee that the date will still be available.


For bridal parties where there isn’t enough time for one stylist to get everyone ready in the required time or to give the bride a later more convenient start time extra assistants will be required to ensure a smooth running of the day, this is charged at an additional fee of £100 per assistant.

Early morning bookings where we are to start before 7am will require a surcharge of £100.


● Travel expenses will be charged when travelling over 10 miles to and from
your stylist’s location and will be charged at 50p per mile after this, for journeys of over 1.30 hours travel each way, an additional hourly rate will apply (ie 2.5 hours total travel = 1 hour travel charged).

● Parking, toll charges and congestion charge will be added to your final bill. Please contact us if parking is limited as we carry a lot of equipment.

● Longer journeys and for early morning starts and travel at over 1.30 hours, and by agreement, your stylist/s may need to book a hotel near to your wedding venue (we will book a mid priced hotel and confirm details with you before adding to final invoice).

● For destination weddings, flights, transfers, hotels and some meals will be charged but this would be discussed prior to booking and mutually agreed.

Payments & Pricing

● For large bridal parties/early weddings, it is recommended that an additional
assistant or stylist/artist is booked to help the morning run smoothly and to avoid very early starts as this will be more pleasant and enjoyable for all (fees apply if more than one assistant is needed)
● All grips, pins, products etc will be provided by Melinda Bridal. Hair accessories, flowers, veils etc. to be provided by the bridal party. If any member of the bridal party suffers from an allergy or sensitivity to products, please let us know PRIOR to the wedding so we can bring suitable alternatives. It’s possible we would need to carry out patch tests or a trial (please contact us to arrange).
● Due to high demand, weddings booked on or over Bank Holiday weekends and Fridays to Sundays inclusive between May and August the minimum ‘on the day’ booking fee is £250 for each service (£400 for hair and make up), excluding travel costs. For weekends September to April a minimum £260 spend applies. For weekday weddings in low season a minimum £150 spend applies.
● When making payments, please use your name and wedding date as a reference - ie J Smith, 10.4.20
● Price quoted will be held for one calendar month from original quote, if no deposit has been received within this time, price may be subject to fluctuation.

● Additional persons to the original booking will be accepted if time and
resources allow, in writing and only by prior agreement (additional charge applies)

● Reducing numbers - charges of 40% per reduction will apply 4 months or less from wedding date - ie one bridesmaid cancelled, £150 x 40% = £60 charge
● In the very unfortunate event you have to cancel your total booking, cancellation fees will be as follows:
3 calendar months or less before the wedding 40% of the total fee
2 calendar months or less before the wedding 50% of the total fee
1 calendar month or less before the wedding - full remaining fee due


● Please ensure every member of your party are aware of timings on the day
and that they need to be, and remain, available. Other than specific blow dry bookings, hair should be bone dry, due to disruption to timings (if a guest has to dry their hair) a slot may be entirely missed and will still be charged. If possible, the service will be carried out but time will be reduced accordingly so there is no guarantee the style will be long lasting. Should one or more persons not be ready we will be forced to cut their allocated time short by however long they delay by.
● No refund or compensation will be offered by Melinda Bridal for delays caused by other wedding vendors, guests, photographers or members of their bridal party.
● You must ensure that our team will be working in a suitable environment with adequate natural lighting, electricity points and hand washing and toilet facilities.
● We reserve the right to use photographic images on social media sites, but will not post these, nor pictures of trials, until after the wedding. Please let us know if, for any reason, you don’t want us to post these pictures (ie an elopement wedding) and we’ll be happy to do so.

● In the very unlikely event that an artist/stylist of Melinda Bridal is unable to attend to perform services on trial date or wedding date, for any unforeseen or unfortunate circumstances out of our control, including but not limited to sickness, accident, road or motorway closure or severe weather conditions, be sure that every reasonable effort will be made to find a replacement reputable stylist/artist/salon at short notice, however any such booking will remain solely the responsibility of yourself. No compensation will be offered on our part although this will be at the discretion of MB. It is strongly advised to take out wedding or event insurance to cover you against these extreme situations.


The client agrees Melinda Bridal may use any photography for publicity purposes which include but not limited to the suppliers website and social media. This includes photos taken by your supplier and photos by your professional photographer. Please state if you do not wish for your photographs to be shared.


Thank you for booking with Melinda Bridal Hair and Make Up and for ploughing through these terms and conditions, which may sound formal, but which are designed to protect both parties and are for your information. We very much look forward to working with you at your wedding.
Fees/charges are set by the owner of the business, and are at my discretion. On occasion and with extenuating circumstances, especially where a cancellation has occurred but another booking has been taken in its place, part of the fee may be waived.
PRIVACY POLICY - Your information, including email address and telephone number will be not used for any purpose other than contacting you regarding your wedding, or for future contact for feedback or similar.
Many thanks

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